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Course Details


Course Overview

Digital quality solutions are designed to support all types of organisations including multi-site and multi-national operations.

These solutions are robust with capabilities for workflow management, document management, electronic delivery of alerts and notification and real-time reporting and analysis.

In order to give confidence to our implementation approach we have designed a real-life sample course with real training material.

It explains how to access, navigate and our eLearning Portal and how to Maximise achievable value from Digital solutions Portals

Our approach takes learning and solutioning from advice and recommendations in boardrooms to real life Learn-Practice Apply approach

This is a free of charge course that also provides you with a certificate of completion.

Aims & Objectives

We specialise in Quality Excellence utilising the following solutions to enable the transitioning of quality in the digital era towards a Quality 4.0 framework.

This opens the door to remote working, remote auditing, integration with other platforms etc

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Risk Management
  • Employee Welfare
  • Problem Management
  • Audit Management
  • Document Management
  • Change Control
  • Asset Management
  • Management Review
  • Quality Records
  • eLearning Portal
  • Resourcing Portal

This course gives an overview of the possible Quality governance an organisation can have on the road of transitioning towards Quality 4.0 enabling a practical understanding of the concept.

Target Audience

This course is designed for individuals from diverse organizational functions-operations, quality, logistics, finance, production, engineering and other staff functions.

Personnel from all organisational functions, who will be involved in management specially engineering & consulting personnel. Special interest for Top Management (Company Executives MD’s & CEO’s).

Who else Should Attend:

  • Quality Managers & Practitioners
  • Excellence Practitioners
  • QSHE Practitioner
  • Project Managers
  • Continuous Improvement Practitioner
  • Strategic Planning & Process Professionals
  • Human Resource Professionals,
  • Bid & proposal professionals
  • Engineering Practitioners
  • Supervisors or Management Practitioner


A combination of the below requirements shall suffice

  • BA or BSc in engineering, sciences or business management related subject
  • Basic quality qualifications and or experience
  • Already working in a Management or supervisory role
  • Already working in Quality with Basic Knowledge of ISO 9001:2015
  • Black Belt candidates generally have college degrees in industry-related fields, including
  • Comfortable with mathematics
  • Experience in problem solving
  • Microsoft Office tools such as Word and Excel
  • Good English level

Program Format/Style

  • Course will run as and when you have time.
  • You can do the course at your own leisure.
  • You can log in and log out as many times as your package allows
  • You can visit the same course more than once


All students will be supplied with customized course materials. You are able to download the course material for online courses. Online eLearning courses remain accessible for students electronically

Indicative content

This course provides delegates with a brief overview of the fundamental elements that are the essential factors affecting company growth and the role of Quality using the Quality 4.0 framework. It explains the fundamental basics of Quality 4.0 in a practical implementable approach.

The course consists of the series of videos below plus some basic assignment work


  1. Instructor Video Profile – Brief
  2. Value Add from Digital Quality Excellence Solutions
  3. Access To Portals
  4. Registering Onto the Resourcing Portal
  5. Registering onto the L and D Portal
  6. Registering on Practice Portal
  7. Login to The Resourcing Portal as An Employer
  8. Login to The Resourcing Portal as Candidate
  9. Login to The Learning and Development Portal as Trainer
  10. Login to The Learning and Development Portal as Student
  11. L & D Portal Learner Journey
  12. Preview of Quality 4.0 Look & Feel
  13. Solutions for Governance of Quality Excellence
  14. Planning for Digital Quality System

Daily Agenda

NA for Online Courses. You can visit the same course more than once

N.B. This course description is for guidance only and may be changed without notification.