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Course Details


Course Overview

Have you often wondered that there must be better, more up-to-date and more informative ways to managing Quality?

Have wondered why there is such a back lash against systems implemented by many companies?

Have you ever thought you could do better?

Do you have a career or an ambition to have a career in Quality and Business excellence?

Have you thought that you can reach outside your geographical location and make a good living out of implementing better value adding systems?

Then we would love to see you at one of our roadshows. We are aiming to provide answers to many searching questions on Quality and Business Excellence Systems

We are touring many countries and main cities... Look at our schedule and register on the one nearest to you

Aims & Objectives

This Program will aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide overview of Integrated Managements Systems
  • Overview of Process Based Systems
  • Overview of automated Governance
  • Provide an understanding of the Quality Management Principles
  • Elements that must be included in integrated Management System
  • Continuous Improvement Principles

Target Audience

Professionals ranging from those with little or no experience of the Balanced Scorecard approach through to those already implementing such a methodology are welcome on this event.

The added value of the seminar is in showing how to best use the Balanced Scorecard methodology in maximizing the effect of their work within their organisation.

Who Should Attend:

  • Quality Managers
  • Quality Practitioners
  • Excellence Practitioners
  • Company Executives
  • Project Managers
  • QHSE Practitioner
  • Continuous Improvement Practitioner

Program Format/Style

The sessions are presented Face-to-Face as PowerPoint presentation that are explained by the instructor, while keeping delegates engaged via real-life examples, demos and topic discussions.

Indicative content

Do you have a Quality Management System in you company? How long have you had this system?

Do you find that due to lack of any benefit to your company, you constantly re-engineer it or about to re-engineer it?

Do you think the cost of deploying this system was too much for the benefits you achieved? How much did it cost you to put it in Place?

Is the cost to your company to maintain it far outweighs the benefits?

Do you find you need to employ at least 2 people to Manage quality, audits and document control? How many people do you employ to maintain it?

Has this system defined all the activities in your company?

Have you made sure that all your legal Obligations are taken care of? How can you prove in a court of law that you have done it?

Have you covered all the Health and Safety obligations formally and legally?

Have you taken care of all security issues for staff, visitors and data? What happens if your data is damaged?

Is it easy for your staff and yourself to navigate and find your way around the current system? How easy?

Are you confident that if staff leave your company they will not take the knowledge with them? How confident?

Is your documented system at least 1-2 years behind what you are actually doing today?

Do you find it easy for you or your staff to find a process or procedure for how things are being done? How easy?

Is the time it takes you to find out how many Customer complaints you have acceptable to you? How long?

Do avoid to find out how many complaints you have? And what their status is? Due to the cost and complexity?

Does it take you too long to obtain such information from your current system? How long?

Is the time it takes to find out such information stopping you from asking the question?

Is there any kind of audit on how your organisational processes are run? Or those of your suppliers?

Do you easily understand what are these audits telling you as a manager?

Are you getting any value from them? Or are they simply word reports that get filed

Is it costing you a lot of time effort and money to get value from auditing? How much?

Daily Agenda

Daily Agenda: 2 Hour Sessions

  • 1st Hour: Registration & Coffee Demo & Networking
  • 2nd Hour: Presentation Demo & Networking