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Course Details


Course Overview

Program Scope

Our leadership programme covers the core skill sets below. These are based on a selection from a wide range of topics you wish to build your staff in. You can select from the programme units below to plug any skills gaps so that you maximise your performance.

This is an accredited programme giving you the option of gaining membership of the Institute of leadership and management if you so choose.

If you select the accredited programme, you simply pay extra for the accredited certificate and membership.









Course Overview

We all began our careers after graduation with anticipation that we will excel in our field of choice. We also started our careers with fear of the first day at work and concern when dealing with seniors and veterans on the skills and knowledge gap

All of us wondered when will we be up to such levels of expertise. Such knowledge and expertise do not happen overnight. They come with good training and skilling and a dedication to apply what is learnt

Leadership and Management are skills that can be acquired, learnt and applied. There are Leaders that are born and there are ones that learnt to become leaders

Leadership and Management require an in-depth experience and knowledge to achieve Such skills, methodologies and approaches

This Program furnishes you with the principles of Leadership and Management to take you from A novice to an expert on the road towards being a successful leader

As a programme, we always recognize prior training and plug gaps in the individual’s skilling.

Aims & Objectives

The course objective is to understand the most effective tools and techniques you need to be a top performing leader. This Program will aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide an understanding of the Leadership & Management Principles
  • Explain the Difference between Leadership & Management
  • Show elements associated with a good Manager and a good Leader
  • Working your way towards being a leader
  • Skills that must be gained on the road to being a leader
  • Management Techniques, styles and Tools
  • Visionary Leadership approach

Target Audience

This course is designed for individuals from diverse organizational functions-operations, quality, logistics, finance, production, engineering and other staff functions.

Personnel from all organisational functions, who will be involved in management specially engineering & consulting personnel. Special interest for Top Management (Company Executives MD’s & CEO’s).

Who else Should Attend:

  • Quality Managers & Practitioners
  • Excellence Practitioners
  • QSHE Practitioner
  • Project Managers
  • Continuous Improvement Practitioner
  • Strategic Planning & Process Professionals
  • Human Resource Professionals,
  • Bid & proposal professionals
  • Engineering Practitioners
  • Supervisors or Management Practitioner


A combination of the below requirements shall suffice

  • BA or BSc in engineering, sciences or business management related subject
  • Basic quality qualifications and or experience
  • Already working in a Management or supervisory role
  • Already working in Quality with Basic Knowledge of ISO 9001:2015
  • Black Belt candidates generally have college degrees in industry-related fields, including
  • Comfortable with mathematics
  • Experience in problem solving
  • Microsoft Office tools such as Word and Excel
  • Good English level

Program Format/Style

Virtual Learning [VL] Instructor Led Course Format

 he training session are presented Face-to-Face as PowerPoint presentation.

  1. The instructor explains while keeping delegates engaged via real-life examples and topic discussions.
  2. The Course is workshop based, highly interactive and will involve group throughout the length of the course.
  3. Delegates will be encouraged to participate actively in relating previous work experiences.
  4. The use of Flip boards and charts will be used to demonstrate key points.
  5. Flip-charts, group workshops and reporting back sessions will encourage a full participation and enjoyment
  6. Real Life Cases and situations within their environment will be used for group work to make the learning real.
  7. Approximately 50% of time will be spent on case studies and group work to ensure delegates understand the ideas and are able to apply them.
  8. Case studies will be analysed and discussed to ensure that learning is effective and delegates are able to apply the learning within their organisations.
  9. Delegates will also be given quizzes to solidify their knowledge and will be supplied with customized course materials.
  10. Ability to go in and out of the training at your convenience
  11. You have the ability to register and practice with our online Demo products
  12. Clear screen shots of the activities and actions being discussed
  13. Voice over with some slides where appropriate
  14. There are quizzes to solidify the knowledge and are embedded with course materials. 


All students will be supplied with customized course materials.

Indicative content

The Programme covers a wide range of leadership skills. These may be grouped under:

  • Generic Management Context
  • Distinguished Leadership Skills
  • Managing & Motivating Teams
  • Communication Skills
  • Planning for Success
  • Human Resource Utilization Analysis and Improvement


 The programme focusses on the following aspects of leadership:

  • Outlining and setting goals and objectives
  • Leadership Planning for Success
  • Leadership Communication Skills
  • Leadership Motivating Skills for Yourself & Your Teams
  • General Management Concepts and Challenges
  • Managing Disputes & Conflict Resolution
  • Staff Motivation
  • Team Working
  • Skills of a Distinguished Leader
  • Promoting Scientific Thinking
  • Excellence in performance
  • Enterprise Measurement Standards

Among the specific topics covered in the course:

  • Concepts and challenges of public administration
  • Distinguished successful leader skills
  • Planning for leadership and success
  • Leadership Communication Skills
  • The most important criteria for leadership, policy and sub-strategy
  • Motivational leadership skills for yourself and your teams
  • Conflict management and conflict resolution
  • Teamwork
  • Motivating employees
  • Develop scientific thinking skills
  • The Six Thinking Hats
  • Excellence in performance
  • Institutional Measurement Standards
  • Methods of self-knowledge
  • The Ten Habits of a Successful Person
  • Human resource management and development strategy
  • Win-win concept and win-win policies
  • Brainstorming
  • Typical Strategies in the CoRT Program
  • Expanding the field of cognition

and more

Daily Agenda

Daily Schedule for Virtual Learning [VL] Instructor Led Course

Registration: 08:30 on Day One Then 09:00 until 17:00 Daily

Refreshment: There will be two refreshment breaks and lunch at appropriate intervals.

Day 1:

  • Meet, Greet & Logistics
  • Introduction to the workshop
  • Outlining and setting goals and objectives
  • Leadership Planning for Success
  • Review and wrap-up Day 1

Day 2:

  • Day 1 Recap
  • Leadership Communication Skills
  • Leadership Motivating Skills for Yourself & Your Teams
  • General Management Concepts and Challenges
  • Review and wrap-up Day 2

Day 3:

  • Day 2 Recap
  • Managing Disputes & Conflict Resolution
  • Staff Motivation
  • Team Working
  • Review and wrap-up Day 3

Day 4:

  • Day 3 Recap
  • Skills of a Distinguished Leader
  • Promoting Scientific Thinking
  • Review and wrap-up Day 4

Day 5:

  • Day 4 Recap
  • Excellence in performance
  • Enterprise Measurement Standards
  • Review and wrap-up Day 5
  • Summary & Conclusion