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Free Online Workshop [SZ]

Workshop Facilitator Sam Zaidan [SZ]

[Scheduled Free Workshop

QMSrs is offering a series of free online courses to replace the Roadshows we performed pre Covid.

These are pre-recorded, Self-Paced, cost-effective, online courses minimising travel time away from work or family.

You can learn when you want at your own pace. You will access the course of your choice during the times of your choice.

You also get a certificate of attainment. Please book yours now from our Learning portal

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    These courses were prepared and narrated by able Trainers and Consultants, each with over 35 years of experience in the world’s best known multinational brand names.

    We are recognised for having specialists with a wealth of experience gained at Senior Management, Executive and Director within Projects, Operational and Organisational Quality Excellence.

    Specialising in Transformational, Re-Engineering, Lean approach, Customer Satisfaction & Experience built on Integrated Management Systems. 

    We are always aiming to identify more QMSrs Trainers and Consultants. Join us.