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Joseph Coyne


With over thirty-five years of working as a specialist within a number
of global operations and across a variety of sectors, Joseph Coyne
provides a direct, straightforward and achievable approach to
supporting your business on a number of fronts.

UK based, his formal Procurement expertise within the IBM
Corporation led to significant efficiency and cost-effective supply
chain contracts for a number of large businesses.

About Me:

  • Experiences:

    With the ongoing change in business environments, Joseph has kept his experience at leading edge and developed into Project Management and Corporate Governance with a special interest
    in CSR.

    As time progressed he led a Support Services Division for the global insurer AVIVA, incorporating
    Procurement, Data Security, Employee Health & Safety and Customer Relationship Management / Stakeholder Management.

    Further experience includes business trouble shooting, recovery and disposal of troubled or lossmaking operations, change management and business transformation then finally expanding into private consultancy.

    Throughout his career Joseph has acted as an educator and influencer from the shop floor to the board room. Scottish born, his traditional work ethic is focussed on customer satisfaction.